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    Sitting on a pile of information Gold?

    by Brad Coffey

    HubSpot, like most companies, focuses much of its businessinformation gold operations efforts of making processes more efficient and collecting hoards of information to report on the success of those initiatives:

    • Marketing and sales collect information about our leads - to help engage and convert these leads
    • Customer team collects information on what marketing actions our customers have taken how successful they have been - to help guide the onboarding process more effectively
    • Product team collects information on how our customers are using the product - to gain valuable feedback that drives the product development process

    In most cases these collection points are completely self serving for the organization at hand.  They need this information to run their division more effectively and share it regularly within their organization.

    This is common for many companies.  Using business intelligence to drive internal processes is nothing new.  But where many companies fall short is answering:  How can all the data I collect help our customers?

    At HubSpot we've started down this path. 

    • Marketing leverages data from the product team about how our customer do marketing to create content for the blog (often its our best performing content)
    • Sales team leverage data from the customer team to create a 'inbound marketing calculator' that can help prospects understand the potential for inbound marketing in their business
    • Customer team leverages data from the product team to create a monthly newsletter informing customers of what parts of the application they should explore next
    • Product team (soon) will leverage to demographic data from the sales/marketing team to create a benchmarking tool specific to a customers industry


    In each of these cases we've tried to look at the pile of data we collect at HubSpot and understand how we can re-purpose it to the benefit of prospects, leads and customers.

    Is there information your organization already collects that you're just sitting on?

    Brad Coffey

    Written by Brad Coffey

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